NOVAK & ASSOCIATES has emphasized long-term business relationships based on individualized client needs. This personalized focus has resulted in millions of dollars of increased revenue for clients of NOVAK & ASSOCIATES.

"NOVAK & ASSOCIATES has not only opened the doors I needed, but created and developed plans of 'attack' ... apart from financial results NOVAK & ASSOCIATES has assisted in creating strategic marketing initiatives and alliances, which has refined my company's focus upon a more aggressive, targeted, and higher return-on-investment marketing effort."

Nick Dix, President
Advanced Business Technologies, Inc.

"NOVAK & ASSOCIATES is one of the best business development Consultant firms with whom I have worked. Apart from the highest quality professionals, NOVAK & ASSOCIATES has placed with CDO, I have experienced their business development and marketing services as providing the highest level of integrity, honesty, and strategic/tactical expertise. In particular, I have seen the results to not only open the 'doors' we needed, but to create opportunities and develop plans of 'attack' which yielded millions in revenues."

Alphonso Wofford, President
CDO Technologies


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